Hello World!

So today I am going to be going Christmas shopping! now I know some of you guys might not celebrate Christmas but I do.

I was wondering about what everyone wanted and then it just came to me. Christmas isn’t about the presents or the food its about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ but some people don’t even understand that. yes I know its lovely and all but just think, you could be celebrating the worlds most grateful person.

any ways do you guys want to  put in the comments what you would like/get for other people or yourself. I really want an iPhone but I don’t think I’m going to be getting one this year just because.

this year I wont be celebrating Christmas with my dad 😦 (I celebrate Christmas with everyone every year) but my dad has to work away.

he had to work away last year as well but ill still get to see him 🙂

if you guys need or would like some support I am happy to help 😀 I really don’t mind because if some one you love wont be with you this Christmas I do understand.

~GG x


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