That ‘one’ friend…

Todays Blog is going to be about… FRIENDSHIP!!!!! *slightly dramatic gasp!*

Any ways I’m going to be naming all of the different people we get in a friend ship group.

No.1 ‘The Mother of the group’

So she is the most careful and reliable person in your ‘group’. If you need some one to talk to or you have no one to play with you can rely on her to be the most careful . P.S she is not sensitive and wont take no as an answer.

No.2 ‘The Dirty Minded  friend’

So she is the one who thinks you mean .. well you know! she is very immature and will get you into a lot of trouble. P.S as she is immature she is … well annoying

No.3 ‘the Traitor’

Yes we’ve all been there. your friend has promised you she will meet you in town by 9:00am but really you see her instagram feed at 11:00am and she’s gone out with all of your other friends -.-

No.4 ‘The Sassy friend’

You know! that friend who gets all up in some ones face cause they knocked into them… yes I mean that one… one TINY tip do NOT go out in public. if you ever want to meet them just say ‘come round and watch a @grav3yardgirl Tea vlog:)’

No.5 the ‘shy’ one

She thinks she is very shy but when it comes to instagram and face book they’ll go to a club have one drink.. one minute later they will be p***** mhm that one friend… :/

If you enjoyed the blog I will be very pleased if you found this sexist I do apologise but I am a girl so I wanted to put ‘girl’ because this is a girly blog.

If you have that ‘one friend’ I have all of them to be precise please like and comment… Enjoy your life

You sassy blogger ~GG x



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