Christmas Time! >.<

Hey everyone!

how are you guys doing? and most of all, are you in the Christmas spirit? or if you celebrate Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah 🙂

So I am REALLY in the Christmassy mood today! mainly because we were listing to Christmas songs at school and because we put the Christmas tree up ^-^ (YAYYAS)

I just feel really cosy at home and I am actually really calm and tomorrow me and my mum  are getting our hair cut. which means going into town!?!?!?!(idk whether that is good or bad 🙂 )

Has anyone been watching I’m a Celeb??

I definitely have. who do you want to win?? I would like Vicky, Ferne or George.

QOTD: What is your favourite Christmassy thing so far??

HMM I have to say my hot chocolate (I have it during IM A CELEB)

It has Cream, Marshmallows and Chocolate Powder on top .MMM.YUM!!



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