Im Back, with bad news

Hello Everybody. not that anyone is reading this. šŸ˜¦

I just wanted to say this blog is going to be a bit sad so if you are emotional stop reading now. x

So, recently I had my birthday and it was all happy and jolly until a couple of weeks back when my Grandad heard he was going to die. the doctors said this to him before Christmas I think I’m not sure. Anyways, it got quite bad and everyday we thought he was going to go. Sadly, 4:00am on Friday 16th My Grandad Died to throat and mouth cancer.

It didn’t really hit me until the other day when I was writing a letter to him. I just wanted one more chance to say goodbye but saying goodbye would mean never seeing him again and that’s not going to happen, Yes I’m only young and people think children don’t know any thing but really its the adults who need to be taught. Children are allowed to cry but Adults tell them their being childish, you shouldn’t have to bottle everything up because some one says so. I know children wont be reading this but I just hope if YouĀ are reading this and you used to bottle everything up. Don’t. It wasn’t you, it was everyone around. I have anxiety and I made this blog so no one would be alone, I’m very sensitive and cry at all most anything. seeing my Grandad pass away was Horrific and that’s an understatement, I couldn’t see him when he was going through all of this suffering but if I had one more chance to see him I would say…

“Just because you are gone from this world and on the next you are not gone only in the sight you are not here but in our hearts is where we will always keep you “. Death is nothing but a word God made this world for us to die and when we do it is so we can tell God all of our adventures on this world he made for the living. The dying suffer but they go to see God to be with him.

“Do not envy the dead Harry, envy the living and especially the living who are not to be loved” -Dumbledore.

That’s all I have to say for this blog.

Goodbye Guys! remember to keep your loved ones near you.

-CharlotteĀ X aka Gamergirl05


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