Now I know I’ve done a post before about different types of friends but this one is about two particularly amazing people in my life for now I’m going to call them I and G .

Well G has always been there for me through thick and thin she has never left my side,been mean, or taken my opinion the wrong she won’t like me saying it but I really do love her she is hilarious and that’s the amazing thing about her.we even go to the local park In The area  at weekends.

Now for I . She recently came to my school (started in January) we have not spent a day apart she is amazingly funny and has an amazing sense of humour. I mean she literally can go through like phases where she makes me laugh so much I need to pee myself but we really do have our deep chats.

The meaning of this blog post is that friends should stick beside you through thick and thin. And never leave your side at all! I really love all my friends but these two mean the best to me


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