The Secret life of Pets – The Reveiw

Hello everybody! so todays blog is about a film I went to watch at the cinema today (30/6/16)

Its called … THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS or something along that line.

Star Rating: ★★★★★

I personally think the dynamics and production of this film is very realistic ad I think everybody would enjoy watching it! TSLOP (The Secret Life Of Pets) is a heart warming adventure about animals helping each other and also learning that they can share their ball with someone else as well. The cartoon and animation of this film is quite amazing.

Animation Rating: ★★★★★

Thanks for reading this VERY short blog post!

-Charlotte ☯



Hello everybody! now I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have a fun filled blog today 🙂 its going to be about a summer smoothie idea.

So I will be telling you about 3 smoothies ingredients (method is all the same)

Ingredients #1

  • Banana
  • pineapple 1/4
  • mango 1/2
  • mint leaves (if you want to have a minty flavour)
  • kiwi 1/2 – 1
  • 4 strawberries
  • and of course a blender!


  1. Add all ingredients together and fill up the blender

Blend ingredients for up to 3 minutes (less or more if necessary) now you can do this slowly of fast (don’t be afraid to go bonkers!)

Smoothie/ milkshake #2!


  •  1 whole banana
  • muller light vanilla yogurt (or any vanilla yogurt)

Again fill blender and Blend away!

Smoothie/ milk shake #3


  •  1 whole banana
  •  4 -5 strawberries
  • muller light toffee yogurt



Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Banana and Strawberry smoothie (above)


Now I know I’ve done a post before about different types of friends but this one is about two particularly amazing people in my life for now I’m going to call them I and G .

Well G has always been there for me through thick and thin she has never left my side,been mean, or taken my opinion the wrong she won’t like me saying it but I really do love her she is hilarious and that’s the amazing thing about her.we even go to the local park In The area  at weekends.

Now for I . She recently came to my school (started in January) we have not spent a day apart she is amazingly funny and has an amazing sense of humour. I mean she literally can go through like phases where she makes me laugh so much I need to pee myself but we really do have our deep chats.

The meaning of this blog post is that friends should stick beside you through thick and thin. And never leave your side at all! I really love all my friends but these two mean the best to me


Omg guys! Today was amazing yet very tiring.

We went to a place called Lulworth Cove which is right next to where we are camping, it is not only beautiful but only a short one mile walk + walk around and to the beach.

All together we walked two and a half miles.Its a really breathtaking area and a lot of people were walking to Lulworth today as it was 12c (that’s quite hot in England) Lulworth is known for its bucket tree (sand castle buckets,that hang from the tree)Unfortunately it blew down in a storm 😞 but there is a new tree which has been recently been planted.

Yes I did take some pictures,they are here⤵️



Sorry! I had so much fun in Lulworth that I forgot to blog about it! I genuinely am really sorry but u’know anyways today we heading off to London (as you can tell by the title) and I’m really excited I might blog about it but I might not 😜 

So how are all of you guys?? Please tell me I would like to know.Bournemouth was amazing I really love going there when we are on holiday (last time we went on an open top bus in Autumn)

Anyways I know that this was short but ilygsm (l love you guys so much)

Your blogger, GG x 


Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a great Easter holiday. Don’t eat all you’re chocolate at once! (P.s if you don’t celebrate easter have a great weekend!)

So me,my mum and my dad are spending four nights in our campervan, in Durdledoor (south western area) 

We have so far had a good trip 

 as you can see ^ we headed into a little place known as Weymouth,I know it well because I spent most of my childhood there all of my summer holidays were spent at a site called waterside where I made a lot of memories and friends it’s almost a second home to me.

I should be posting nearly everyday and if I don’t (sorry!). 

Here are a couple of pictures from today to show you guys how great it was.

~Charlotte 🙃 


Im Back, with bad news

Hello Everybody. not that anyone is reading this. 😦

I just wanted to say this blog is going to be a bit sad so if you are emotional stop reading now. x

So, recently I had my birthday and it was all happy and jolly until a couple of weeks back when my Grandad heard he was going to die. the doctors said this to him before Christmas I think I’m not sure. Anyways, it got quite bad and everyday we thought he was going to go. Sadly, 4:00am on Friday 16th My Grandad Died to throat and mouth cancer.

It didn’t really hit me until the other day when I was writing a letter to him. I just wanted one more chance to say goodbye but saying goodbye would mean never seeing him again and that’s not going to happen, Yes I’m only young and people think children don’t know any thing but really its the adults who need to be taught. Children are allowed to cry but Adults tell them their being childish, you shouldn’t have to bottle everything up because some one says so. I know children wont be reading this but I just hope if You are reading this and you used to bottle everything up. Don’t. It wasn’t you, it was everyone around. I have anxiety and I made this blog so no one would be alone, I’m very sensitive and cry at all most anything. seeing my Grandad pass away was Horrific and that’s an understatement, I couldn’t see him when he was going through all of this suffering but if I had one more chance to see him I would say…

“Just because you are gone from this world and on the next you are not gone only in the sight you are not here but in our hearts is where we will always keep you “. Death is nothing but a word God made this world for us to die and when we do it is so we can tell God all of our adventures on this world he made for the living. The dying suffer but they go to see God to be with him.

“Do not envy the dead Harry, envy the living and especially the living who are not to be loved” -Dumbledore.

That’s all I have to say for this blog.

Goodbye Guys! remember to keep your loved ones near you.

-Charlotte X aka Gamergirl05

Christmas Time! >.<

Hey everyone!

how are you guys doing? and most of all, are you in the Christmas spirit? or if you celebrate Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah 🙂

So I am REALLY in the Christmassy mood today! mainly because we were listing to Christmas songs at school and because we put the Christmas tree up ^-^ (YAYYAS)

I just feel really cosy at home and I am actually really calm and tomorrow me and my mum  are getting our hair cut. which means going into town!?!?!?!(idk whether that is good or bad 🙂 )

Has anyone been watching I’m a Celeb??

I definitely have. who do you want to win?? I would like Vicky, Ferne or George.

QOTD: What is your favourite Christmassy thing so far??

HMM I have to say my hot chocolate (I have it during IM A CELEB)

It has Cream, Marshmallows and Chocolate Powder on top .MMM.YUM!!


That ‘one’ friend…

Todays Blog is going to be about… FRIENDSHIP!!!!! *slightly dramatic gasp!*

Any ways I’m going to be naming all of the different people we get in a friend ship group.

No.1 ‘The Mother of the group’

So she is the most careful and reliable person in your ‘group’. If you need some one to talk to or you have no one to play with you can rely on her to be the most careful . P.S she is not sensitive and wont take no as an answer.

No.2 ‘The Dirty Minded  friend’

So she is the one who thinks you mean .. well you know! she is very immature and will get you into a lot of trouble. P.S as she is immature she is … well annoying

No.3 ‘the Traitor’

Yes we’ve all been there. your friend has promised you she will meet you in town by 9:00am but really you see her instagram feed at 11:00am and she’s gone out with all of your other friends -.-

No.4 ‘The Sassy friend’

You know! that friend who gets all up in some ones face cause they knocked into them… yes I mean that one… one TINY tip do NOT go out in public. if you ever want to meet them just say ‘come round and watch a @grav3yardgirl Tea vlog:)’

No.5 the ‘shy’ one

She thinks she is very shy but when it comes to instagram and face book they’ll go to a club have one drink.. one minute later they will be p***** mhm that one friend… :/

If you enjoyed the blog I will be very pleased if you found this sexist I do apologise but I am a girl so I wanted to put ‘girl’ because this is a girly blog.

If you have that ‘one friend’ I have all of them to be precise please like and comment… Enjoy your life

You sassy blogger ~GG x


Uh Oh…

So today wasn’t the best we had to do a test and before I went to school I spilled milk on my mums new £2000 worth sofa!!!

And that’s not the worst bit…

I have Parents evening!!!!!!!!!!! life is so unfair… but I get to go Christmas shopping after parents evening.

Wish me luck guys!

🙂 😦 🙂 😦

~GG x sorry this was a short blog